Ronnie Le Rhino Écologique Jouet pour chien

Green & Wilds

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A recycled and biodegradable dog toy that is good for the planet.

Ronnie The Eco-friendly Rhino is made from eco-friendly and recycled materials and contains a plastic bottle that makes Crunch in your mouth! !

It consists of 4 layers of jute sewn on cotton and recycled jute rope, as well as a plastic bottle also recycled. Covered in soft suede, it has a Velcro so you can replace the bottle or add delicious treats to keep your dog occupied!n !

  • Stimulates the senses with crackling sounds
  • Toy base with velcro to hold the bottle in place
  • Jute is 100% biodegradable%
  • Small empty bottle provided inside the toyt
  • Natural material and very resistant
  • Beneficial for the teeth

the toys Green & amp; Wilds are eco-friendly but also tough and durable to withstand hours of play.


      30 cmHeight and 12 cm at widest point.

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