Turmeric Golden Paste for dogs and cats

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Turmeric paste / golden paste for cats and dogs

Turmeric paste is also known as Golden paste is a recipe from a centuries-old tradition of Ayurvedic therapy. Two superfoods, turmeric and coconut oil are the main components of Golden Paste and ensure that our four-legged friends are and stay in good shape.

Turmeric is a miraculous ingredient that will do wonders for your pet's health. Turmeric paste is a natural and safe alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs for treating pets

Native to Southeast Asia, this herbaceous plant, generally reduced to powder form, has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine (ayurveda) for its health benefits.

Indeed, its antioxidant content and in particular curcumin gives it many benefits: action on digestion, anti-inflammatory properties, intestinal disorders, so many benefits.

  • 100% natural, quality ingredients suitable for humans
    A powerful anti-inflammatory for cats and dogs
    For a beautiful coat and beautiful skin
    Improving the functioning of the digestive tract and kidneys
    Supports the immune system
    Promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients
    Support joint functions and promote flexibility

Our customers have seen benefits with the conditions; Arthritis, dysplasia, inflammatory diseases and many more!

This user-friendly paste comes in a squeezable, fully recyclable plastic pouch. We would like to stop using plastic, but we are still searching for a suitable material that can hold a liquid. Watch this space!


Coconut Oil
We use cold-pressed and organic coconut oil, as this aids bioactive absorption and supports intestinal health. Quite simply, it is needed for the turmeric to work, as curcumin has low solubility in water. The coconut oil is the perfect healthy fat for the curcumin to attach to.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Our apple cider vinegar is complete with “the mother”. We use this unfiltered version as it keeps the beneficial bacteria, yeast and protein. It is ripe with B-vitamins and polyphenols (plant-based antioxidants) and includes compounds such as quercetin which can help with absorption and bioavailability.

Black Pepper (Piperine)
We have added black pepper into the paste as it contains the bioactive piperine. Piperine has been shown to help poor digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties – that’s not all… arguably the most important benefit is that it increases absorption and bioavailability of curcumin – some say by up to 2000%!

Ceylon Cinnamon
We use Ceylon (true) cinnamon which acts as an anti-inflammatory, contains antioxidants, and has antimicrobial effects. This super powerful ingredient supplies a range of bioactives that support gut health, absorption and the optimisation of insulin metabolism.

Made in the UK


Composition: Turmeric, Cold pressed coconut oil, Apple cider vinegar, Ceylon cinnamon, Black pepper, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate

Analytical constituents: Crude Oil 13.75% | Crude Protein 1.7% | Crude Fibre 4.6% | Crude Ash 1.7% | Moisture 68%

Customer Reviews

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Tip Top

J’ai testé cette pâte sur mes chats pour différents problèmes : gingivite, rhume et inflammation suite à un choc. Impossible de leur donner pur alors je mets une dose dans une gélule et je feinte pour leur mettre dans la gueule 2x / jour. Effet assez impressionnant surtout en ce qui concerne les douleurs, même pas une heure après, mon chat pouvait à nouveau se déplacer normalement et profiter de la vie ! J’ai du congeler la pâte de curcuma afin de pouvoir la conserver plus longtemps et cela n’a pas l’air d’altérer ses vertus… C’est bien mieux que la cortisone et ça a l’avantage de soigner pas mal de problèmes sur le long terme. Merci pour ce petit produit miracle offert par Dame Nature. J’en rachèterai.

Bon produit

Obligée de feinter un peu pour le faire avaler à mon gros loulou de 60kg mais je note une amélioration.

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