Fallow Antler Dog Chew


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Deer antlers are softer than classic deer antlers.

• Contains important minerals
• No additives or preservatives
• Does not produce splinters, chips or blockagess
• Incredibly durable
• Helps clean your dog's teeth
• Suitable for puppy teeth
• Hypoallergenic for dogs with allergies
• Does not leave stains
• Ethical provenance of deer in the UK

Naturally stripped

Chewing releases chemicals from the brain that result in a sense of well-being and that keeps dogs happy, busy and spending energy.

The deer antlers last longer than any other dog chew on the market, longer than buffalo skin chews or compacted vegetable starch chews..

They slowly wear out with the action of the dog's teeth grinding and saliva, into tasty pieces. Eventually, the dry marrow is exhibited as true bliss when the outside has been worn out.

Fallow deer antlers, which are naturally shed each fall and not from herd slaughtered.

Sizes and shapes may vary due to the natural provenance of the product.



Sizes and shapes may vary due to the natural provenance of the product.

S Weight 50g    - 75g

M Weight 75g  - 150g

L Weight 151g - 220g


Mineral analysis

Ash: 50, protein: 40, moisture: 10.6, fat: 0.4, calcium: 21g / 10g, Phosphorus: 10g / 100g, magnesium: 26mg / 100g, iron: 998ppm, sodium: 0.4, potassium : 0.02 0,02%




Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Patrick V.
Bois de daim

Un bois de daim trop vieux et plus dur que du rocher ; une honte d’envoyer cela !

Odile V. (Houlgate, FR)
Bien, mais un peu trop épais pour les petits chiens

Ma petite chienne de 6 mois, se fait les dents avec

sandra s. (Barr, FR)
Testé et Approuvé...

Les Loulous ont été ravis... Il ne reste déjà plus rien !

Lilian (Paris, FR)
Très apprécié !

Toujours un excellent choix, la forme permet de bien l'attraper et le maintenir, mon petit bouledogue en est fan !

Marie-Béatrice L. (Aspet, FR)
Très bien

Mes chiens adorent !
Résistant très bon produit et pas dangereux !

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