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Coffee Wood Low-calorie dog chew

Coffee Wood Dog Chew Sticks are made from the branches of the coffee tree, when the plant stops producing coffee beans, the branches are thus used to produce chew sticks for dogs.

Coffee wood is a very dense wood that makes a healthy, safe, and satisfying chewable product for any dog. This 100% natural wooden stick is chewable but does not produce sharp shards. When your dog chews coffee wood, the wood releases small fibres that have a similar effect to dental floss on your dog's teeth.

Coffee wood is a harder wood than that found in our forests - on the contrary, it is composed of fibers, which will play the role of dental floss.

The wood is not treated, they are simply dried and sanded.

Advantages :

• No additives or preservatives - 100% natural
• Does not produce chips, chips or blockages
• Incredibly durable
• Helps clean your dog / puppy's teeth
• Zero calories
• Hypo-allergenic

What is the difference between coffee wood and a normal piece of wood?

When chewing, fine fibers break off from the coffee wood and act like dental floss, which promotes oral hygiene.

These fibers can be swallowed and digested without posing any danger to the dog.

Coffee wood does not form splinters when eaten.

This 100% natural product contains no animal or artificial additives. Its calorie-free formula helps keep your dog slim. Coffee wood is therefore also suitable for dogs with allergies and represents an alternative to treats made with meat or sugar. These sticks are available in several lengths and diameters depending on your dog's jaw size.

Give him an environmentally friendly toy to satisfy his natural need for chewing while taking care of his health!



Adapted to different jaws. The chew stick is a natural product and therefore may have differences in weight and shape


Size M: For dogs weighing 10 kg up to 20 kg (approximately 100 - 200 g / 18cm)

Size L: For dogs from 20 Kg up to 30 kg (approximately 200 - 280 g / 21 cm)

Size XL: For dogs over 30 kg (approximately 280 - 450 g / 27 cm)

Dog tips

Dip the coffee wood stick in your dog's kibble bin so that it infuses all the aromas. Be sure to choose the correct size stick for your dog's build. As with every chew product you give to your pet, don't leave your pet unattended.

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Aurélie Lafleur

Bonjour, j'ai reçu mon article commandé très rapidement et je vous en remercie, un très beau bois de cafeier. J'ai pris la taille M pour mon beagle qui est un grand gabarit pour sa race mais le bois est vraiment trop grand et gros pour lui.

Bon pour faire les dents

Je recommande pour les chiens de grande taille

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