eco' crinkler dog toy

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A recycled and biodegradable dog toy that is good for the planet

Jute toy with a water bottle inside, the crackle of a plastic bottle ensureshours of fun.

This toy has four double layers of jute sewn onto recycled cotton and jute rope. Perfect for you and your dog to throw, shoot and play for hours!

A delicious little crunchy effect emerges from the recycled plastic present inside. Be careful, the toy does not open so we cannot add a treat.e.

Made from jute which is a natural plant fiber, it is tough and durable. No product or added component that could harm or be released during chewing. Jute is 100 biodegradable..

  • Natural material and very resistant
  • A water bottle inside
  • Beneficial for the teeth
  • Also suitable for puppies
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Jute -100 biodegradablee.

S - 18cmHeight8cm of diameter at the base and 11cm at widest point.
L - 28cmHeight8cm of diameter at the base and 11cm at widest point.




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