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Diatomaceous earth 250g

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A 250 gram tube of Diatomaceous Earth, a natural insecticide for pests and crawling insects.

  • It is used to get rid of fleas, lice, ants, bedbugs, spiders and other undesirable
  • In the garden for attacks by aphids and other pests.
  • as a dewormer for animals
  • To protect grain from pests
  • To make toothpastes and scrubs…
  • As a deodorant and absorbent for animal litter, domestic use in the fridge, garbage can, shoes etc .....)
  • As a cleaning powder for stainless steel, brass, bathtubs, etc.
  • And many other uses !! ....
Derived from very sharp microscopic algae fossils, Diatomaceous Earth is an economical natural insecticide for many pests and crawling insects ants, cockroaches, bugs, ticks, fleas ... which invade homes and / or animals.x.

Fights invasions of parasites on animals and on their coats and plumage.

Many dectoparasitic species are concerned: fleas, lice, ticks, bugs ... Brush the hair or plumage of animals against the grain by sprinkling small regular amounts, avoiding the eyes, so as to bring the powder into contact with parasites..
Renew every 4 to 5 days.

Fights infestations of crawling insects in homes::

ants, woodlice, silverfish, bedbugs, cockroaches, cockroachess

Extracted from natural quarries, mechanically refined, uncalcined and without chemical transformation, Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth Silicon Dioxide is composed of very sharp microscopic marine algae fossils. Its biocidal-insecticidal action is purely biological, highly abrasive and drying, without side effects and can be applied to many pests and crawling insects.pants.

Characteristics :

Composition:83 silicon dioxide SiO22

Conditioning : Cardboard tube with powder cover

Weight: 250g

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