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CSJ TurmerTinc! is a non-messy,highly effective turmeric tincture for dogs.

Specially formulated by scientists and herbalists, new CSJ TurmerTinc! is made from high quality Turmeric with added Cracked Black Pepper in a simple-to-feed form.  

No mixing, no mess - just simply pour a tiny daily amount on to your dog's dinner to deliver the many powerful benefits.  1ml per 10kg bodyweight.

Turmeric can be widely used to help maintain a dog's immune system, digestion, skin and joints while supporting the body's natural anti-inflammatory processes.

Every ingredient in new TurmerTinc! is fully traceable and subject to rigorous quality control procedures - matching those required for human herbal tinctures.

To maximise the many benefits of Turmeric, new TurmerTinc!  contains added Cracked Black Pepper:  By including the compound, piperine, in the Cracked Black Pepper, the transit of the Curcumin through the dog's digestive system is slowed which greatly increases its bioavailability.   

TurmerTinc! is Unique

However, the bioavailability of turmeric is quite low unless you either mix with fat (Have you ever tried to do this?  What a mess!) or use in tincture form.  Simple. No Mess. No Fuss.  TurmerTinc!



NB: Do not feed to bitches during pregnancy or during lactation

Always consult your vet if dog is already on medication










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